Our Children
(Albeit four-footed and furry!)

sazinbonsai.jpg (46749 bytes) Sazin (pronouned "Sah-zin") is a Sable Burmese from Casa del Gatos in Rockwall, TX.  Jean Motas, the breeder, is a wonderful lady and takes great care of her kitties!  Sazin is on a supervised outing, investigating the Chinese Elm Bonsai!
Sazin & Sweetie in Window.JPG (24026 bytes) This was a beautiful picture Glenn took of Sweetie and Sazin.  Very artful!
Sazin baby.jpg (45749 bytes) Here's Sazin at about 2-3 weeks old.  What a sweet baby!
Sazin & Mouse.JPG (37206 bytes) Wasn't Sazin a cutie as a kitten?  He loves chasing toy mice!
Stormie bottle baby 7 04.JPG (25831 bytes) In early 2004, my sister Katie was feeding a stray cat that turned up pregnant.  She had her kittens at the end of April/first of May.  Unfortunately, she was struck by a car and killed when the kittens were about 2 weeks old.  Katie and my mother found the five kittens and raised them on bottles.

In June we moved into our new home and mom, Katie, and James came to help with the move.  Mom brought the three kittens that had yet to be adopted.  As I was considering getting another cat, this was a "trial basis" to see if I liked any of them.  Well, as soon as I got home the first day, Mom opened the carrier she had the kittens in and one of them literally charged up to me, purring like an outboard motor!  And thus, the "trial basis" was ended and I had a new baby boy, Stormie.

Stormie 7 04.JPG (32067 bytes) What a cutie Stormie, sitting on our fireplace mantle!  He's about 3 months old here.
mvc-014s.jpg (37540 bytes) I took this picture in December 2004, as Sazin and Stormie were happily snuggled up together against my leg.  What adorable boys!  Sazin is so happy to finally have someone to wrestle and snuggle with!
We have a small colony of feral cats that spent time in our yard. We captured the 1st batch of kittens and have them fixed and released but didn't catch the momma cat. After the 2nd litter of kittens we caught the momma. We kept 2 of the kittens from the 2nd litter
maxx_web.jpg (259493 bytes) This is Maxx - the fuzzy one.  
penny2.JPG (74847 bytes) This is the last holdout - Penny - who we captured last.


Our Dearly Loved, But Departed Children...

We miss you!

Smokie-Goofy_Kitten_small.jpg (3066 bytes) Smokie was our sweet boy we brought from Tennessee!  He left us in 2001..far too soon!

Click here for our tribute to sweet Smokie

Sweetienew.jpg (30807 bytes) Sweetie - he was our big fuzzy! He passed on at age 14 in December 2004.
Raven.JPG (23264 bytes) Our "Old Lady" - Raven
She's was 17 years old when she passed on in 2004!